Swarovski Update

Swarovski is discontinuing some colors and as a result I will have to discontinue some of my popular color palettes. This is also contributing to many people stocking up on crystals which is affecting my ability to stock the regular colors as many are back ordered. Everything is compounded due to Covid-19 and European Lockdowns. I am trying to stock up on the discontinued colors to be able to have a limited offering available as a last chance option for these colors. Currently I have tried to deactivate any collar that I cannot currently make - everything listed should be items that I have stocked, if there is a mistake I will contact the purchaser as quickly as possible. 

I do plan on having some sort of event to offer the last chance colors, nothing is completely decided as I am one person and everything always takes longer than I think it should ;) To keep up to date on when these colors will be offered sign up for the email list (again, I am one person so I don't have time to send a ton of emails, so no worries there! lol)

Thank you so much for your support and feel free to email with any questions and I will answer as soon as possible.

Much Appreciation!



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