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3 Row Crystals for 1"

Medium Sized  crystals are bordered by squeezed together small crystals for the maximum crystals per square inch! The ultimate sparkle for the complete Wow factor!
Choose your favorite colors for the perfect color combination.
This is a 1" wide collar. Available in small sizes with a 1/2" buckle as shown in the last sample picture. 
  • Made to Order, will ship within 3-6 weeks
  • All Crystals used are Genuine Swarovski Crystal
  • High quality Bridle Leather for maximum durability and suppleness
  • All Collars are Handmade with Care
  • Nickel or Brass Hardware
  • Black or Brown Leather

Collars shown are available in the 1" Leather Swarovski Section. They are called "Adventure", "Super Blue" and "Luck". 

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