1.5" Wide - Rivoli Collar

Haven't seen exactly what you're looking for? Be your own designer and choose the colors that best suit your dog! This is a 1.5" wide collar on biothane or Leather with the maximum amount of crystals and the big bling of the Rivoli!

Your color choices will be sent to you in a sample picture via e-mail to make sure you love the combination before the collar is made. Once colors are confirmed the collar will be made.


The Drop Down will Start with Your Rivoli Color

Then you Choose the middle Row Medium Color

The first Small crystal Choice is the crystal just outside of the Medium Crystal

The second Small Crystal Choice is the outside Border Edge

Available with either 3 or 5 of the large Rivoli crystals that sit inside the crystal rim.

  • Made to Order, will ship within 3-6 weeks

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