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Smoked Topaz

Discontinued! The Smoked Topaz Rivoli is being Discontinued by Swarovski.  I will be discontinuing this design as a result once my stock is sold out. 

I can make this color combination either as shown on the  1" Wide Collar or as a 1.5" padded leather collar as shown in the blue example photo. The 1" wide Collar is available in either leather or Biothane. 

ATTENTION: Sizes smaller than 14-17" only have room for 3 Rivoli Crystals. 5 Crystals will still show as an option but they can only be made with 3

Large Smoked Topaz Rivoli Swarovski Crystals sit in a crystal rim and are accented by Light Colorado Topaz and Smoked Topaz Crystals.

Available with either 3 or 5 of the large Rivoli crystals that sit inside the crystal rim. 

  • Made to Order, will ship within 2-4 weeks
  • All crystals used are genuine Swarovski Crystal (except the crystal rim)
  • High quality Bridle Leather for maximum durability and suppleness
  • All Collars are Handmade with Care
  • Black or Brown Leather
  • Waterproof Option - Choose Biothane
  • Nickel or Brass Hardware


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