The Ursa Minor Collection

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Swarovski is doing a complete corporate restructure and along with the current Covid-19 issues I have been having a hard time stocking some crystal colors. Some colors are being completely discontinued which will affect some of my color palettes on popular collars. I am trying to find and stock up on the discontinued colors and a lot of popular colors are currently backordered. I am trying to keep what is shown on the website current with what I can make with the crystals I have on hand. Just please be aware that these issues may affect my ability to make the collars in my normal time frame. If your order is affected I will notify you via e-mail. Thank you!!


The Ursa Minor Collection is a tribute to the original business name of Moxie Collars. Ursa Minor is the constellation known as the Little Dipper or Little Bear. These collars feature Swarovski Crystal which glitter and sparkle much like the stars in the night sky. These Swarovski Dog Collars are available in Leather or Waterproof Biothane in order to suit your dog's varied lifestyle.


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